Molecular Biology Service

  • Supervisor of the service: Jesús María Vielba Villegas
    • e-mail: se.cisc.gbm@ableivmj
    • Phone: +34 881043001

The Molecular Biology service offers assistance for research in molecular biology, both from a scientific point of view and from a technical point of view.

From the scientific point of view, advice is offered to plan and / or develop projects related to molecular biology to groups that are not familiar with this field. Advising covers fields such as diversity, evolution, and functional genomics, resistance to diseases and stresses and epigenetics, mainly in plant genetics.

Technically, the service offers microsatellite genotyping, DNA marker analysis, gene expression analysis by real-time PCR or qPCR, DNA cloning and purification, DNA methylation analysis preparation and sending of DNA and RNA samples to external services that perform microarray analysis, massive sequencing (NGS) and/or genotyping based on the sequence (GBS).

Services offered for internal use to the CSIC.

Current PCR amplification Internal Centre/CSIC 2
Current DNA fragment analysis Internal Centre/CSIC 2
Current Molecular biology assistance in plant breeding projects Internal Centre/CSIC 1
Current Quantitative PCR (qPCR) Internal Centre/CSIC 1

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